Gorakh Hills

Sindh is not just Karachi and crowded beaches; it is a mighty province that offers a large a number of colossal places that are way more than Karachi. From Sadh Bhelo Island at the river Indus to Ranikot fort Jamshoroo is the mystical reminisces of Mahenjo Dero, there is a lot to explore and anticipate in Sindh. Today we are going to tell you about the place often referred to as the Murree of the south or Murree of the Sindh, a place very few people know about.

Named after Indian Saint, Sri Gorakhnath, a famous yoga figure, Gorakh Hill Station is located at an altitude of more than 5,600 feet in the Kirthar Mountains and at a distance of roughly 95 kilometers from Dadu, is a sight for sore eyes for the people of Karachi.

According to Hindu mythology it is believed that there was a small temple dedicated to ‘Gorakhnath”, which was visited by many, to perform their Hindu religious rituals. However, no remains of the temple have been found. This famous Gorakh Hill Station is spread over 2500 acres, and also serves as a gateway to the villagers of Khuzdar district, Baluchistan. People from various tribes and villages travel to these hills to buy food and other necessities.

Exploring the Area

The way up from Wahi Pandhi, a small town situated in the Kirthar mountain range, is very rugged and strenuous. There are various twists, steep inclines and sudden curves looking into deep ravines, that require an experienced driver and a powerful vehicle to drive through. However, the Government of Sindh is now building a new road to Gorakh Hills, making it more accessible for travelers.

Gorakh Hills Resort

Gorakh hills is a newly developed tourist site. Before being declared as a hill station the area laid barren with no service or facilities available for visitors. Poor telecommunication reception, no restaurant and accommodation, Gorakh hills was rarely visited. However, in 2014, the Government of Sindh decided to formally announce this place as a tourist destination of Pakistan. The place now features a beautiful resort, with access to all facilities including rooms for accommodation and a restaurant that features Pakistani cuisine. For people worried about the law and order situation, can relax as there are police stations situated at a distance of 5 to 10 kilometres from Gorakh hills at Wahi Pandhi. Moreover, there are plans to introduce appointed security forces, surrounding the hill station. The Government of Sindh in collaboration with the officials of Gorakh Hill Resort will now construct recreation spots including chair lift service and amusement parks. Until the project is complete, there are various camping sites available for nature enthusiasts.

Snow falling at Gorakh Hills

With scorching heat and temperature above 40°C in summers, Gorakh Hills serve as a haven for people planning to avoid the excruciating heat wave. With temperatures below 20°C and sub zero temperature in winters, Gorakh hills is the only place to witness snow fall in Sindh.

Benazir Viewpoint, Gorakh Hills

This viewpoint is named after the fond memory of Benazir Bhutto. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chairperson of People Party Pakistan (PPP). Visitors can enjoy the scenic view of the hills and mountains.