The dazzling city of Abbottabad is a gem of Hazara District and an icon of scenic beauty. The beautiful city has a long enjoyed reputation for its intensified serenity, historical sites, and golf courses. The equisetic city welcomes millions of visitors per year not only from Pakistan; it attracts enthusiastic backpackers across the globe.

The premier reason of Abottabad popularity is its location and easy access; it is at 90 minutes drives from the capital Islamabad and people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad can visit and comeback on the same day easily.

Abbottabad city is one of the fastest commercializing and highly educated and developing cities of Pakistan. Another reason of Abbotabbad popularity is the Prestigious Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul located in the district. The city serves is more of a garrison, so is extremely peaceful and serene and there is hardly any bad news coming from the city.


The summers in Abbottabad are pretty brief and moderate with temperature ranging between 33°C and 16°C. The coldest month is December and temperature may fall to as low as -2°C. The winter quite season is long and extends from November to March, rain and snowfall often occurs during this season.

Exploring the City

Abbottabd is said to be the point form where road to heaven starts. It is commonly known to be the door t the beautiful north because one has to pass through Abbottabad on their way to Naran Kaghan up north.

Neverthless, Abotabbad itself has a lot of things to offer to tourists. You can wander in the cool, pine-clad sloped weaved with trails and delights. A mug of tea and coffee in the balcony and you can feel the worries and the tensions of your life melting away. There is an energizing chairlift recently opened inside the township zone which is an excellent addition to experience the city.


The beautiful city offers visitors much more than peaks and chalets. From art to food to outdoor adventures, there’s so much to anticipate when you plan to visit this amazing city. Here’s our advice on what to do when you’re in the city,

      • River Rafting
      • Jeep Safari
      • Chair lifting at Malam Jabba
      • Trekking
      • Camping

Planning a Trip

For a best possible trip, pre departure planning counts a lot.

Prior booking of hotels and a thorough look at the maps and routes and there a lot of other certain things you should watch for and plan for.


Abbottobad is relatively cheaper compared to other holiday spots; however, it’s good to spare money and take out time for budgeting. In seasonal days the prices of food and accommodation gets very high that’s why, save some money before leaving and always ensure to have a backup reserve for emergency cases.


There are enough hotel rooms in the region; mainly is Swat city. The prices vary from as low as 500Rs per night for an average room to a maximum of 8500Rs per night for luxury spacing. A directory of hotel rooms with their telephone numbers is available on internet, so it’s better to book rooms prior leaving.

General Tips

      • The car or any other vehicle that you are using is fully reliable and in a position to beat mountainous track.
      • You are in a perfect health state, better to consult your physician for advice.
      • Talk to your acquaintances that have done a similar trip.
      • Read everything you can about the area.
      • Draft a rough outline of your trip that might have three or four target points and a variety of ways to get between them.
      • Set up a pre-trip time-line so you don’t end up with a full to do list your last week of work.
      • Pack light. Only bag essentials. It’s pretty troublesome to carry things in the mountains.

Getting Around

You can either make your own way or turn to guided tour companies.

Travelers from KPK can directly make their way to Abottabad. However, those coming from south Punjab and Sindh must stay for few hours in Islamabad to replenish energy levels.

Top Places to Visit

There are tons of places in Abbotobbad to visits and there is big confusion when it comes to what to see and what to skip. We are listing down all the top places that you cannot afford to miss and you must visit them on trip to.

Ilyasi Masjid

When in Abbottabad one must go to Illyasi Masjid, one the oldest and finest mosque in Abbottabad. The mosque was constructed in 1932 at the bottom of the mountain and is spread over 5-Kanals. The architecture of massive variety of minarets is worth watching. The mosque stills stands to this day and still has water flowing underneath it.
There is also a walking trail shifting up the hill, from where one can see a wonderful view of whole city. The spot is often crowded owing to the picnic factor, however, the mosque still has persevered the spiritual and divine forces that you can feel during you visit.

Shimla Hill

Shimla Hill Station Abbottabad or commonly known as Shimla Pahari is the most popular picnic spot among travelers. Covered with a beautiful green pine forest, visitors from all over Pakistan, come to Shimla to enjoy the most eye catching sightseeing spot of Abbottabad city. It gives the view of the entire valley. Shimla Hill Park is situated on the top from where you can still enjoy the cool breezes of Abbottabad and the entire view of the valley.

Abbottabad Golfing Club

For anyone who loves golfing, Abbottabad golfing club is one of the most lovely golfing publications of Pakistan. The golf park stretches over the mountains of Surban, a ramification of lush inexperienced fairways and the fresh air brushing the tall. Maple trees alongside the path also give a marvelous view and an actual essence of nature to the site visitors.

Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex

Jalal baba is one of the best designed buildings with a colossal structure that consists of larged well furnished multipurpose halls. There are VIP waiting rooms and the auditorium often holds exhibitions, concerts and public gatherings.

It is also a good place to explore Abbasin Arts Council, Public Library, National Book Foundation Center and well equipped Computer Literacy department. The auditorium also serves as Karrate training center for martial arts enthusiasts.

Other Honorable Mentions

The other honorable mentions include, the Lodge of Civil Surgeon of Hazara, a beautifully constructed 19th century building made from the lime mortar and black stone-craft, bow-bay windows, the sloping roof and a wooden interior.

St Luke’s Church, an Anglican Church dedicated to St. Luke, is also a famous tourist attraction points. Abbottabad’s main bazaar is also a beautiful location and was once the settlement of Hindus, still resemble their unique architecture.