Kund Malir

Road trips are arguably the best way to unlock and discover the beauty, of Baluchistan. Owing to its stunning beauty, geographical diversity and expedition opportunities, Baluchistan is like a platter that has little bit of everything to offer the tourists. Moreover, the mighty province has finally and successfully pulled itself out of the shadows of terror and fear and now is a open garden that is welcoming tourists wholeheartedly.

One of the brightest and precious gems of Baluchistan is Kund Malir, desert bleach that offers an exquisite appeal. Kund Malir is a wonderland, a place where desert meets the deep blue Arabian Sea.

The iconic Hingol National Park is located along in southwestern Balochistan the Makran coastal region Province, in southwestern Pakistan. It is approximately 190kms southeast of Karachi and is situated within the sections of Lasbela district.

Hingol National Park offers a large variety of topographical features is habitat of varying birds from arid subtropical forest in the north to arid mountain in the west. Large sections of Hangol National Park are covered with the drift sand and are classified as coastal semi desert. The park also includes the estuary of the Hingol River which supports a large diversity of bird, fishes and other animals.

Exploring the Area

The best attractions are across the Makran coast in Balochistan and are situated about 190 km from Karachi. The road to Park is very exciting because of the deep slopes and the lofty mountains stretching side by side ends of road. The region is densely overgrown with a variety of plants and considered as ‘the botanist’s paradise’. The beautiful sea stretches along the length of the valley with forest and meadows dominating the landscape, as well as numerous peaks.

The park area covers parts of the three districts of Lasbela, Gwadar and Awaran containing a variety of topographical features and vegetation, varying from arid sub tropical forest in the north to arid mountains in the west. Large tracts of the Park are covered with drift sand and can be classified as coastal semi desert. The National Park includes the estuary of the Hingol river which supports a significant diversity of bird and fish species.

Planning a Trip

Back Packing Hangol National Park is pure gold but for the best, pre-departure planning is important. Here are certain things you should do during your visit.

General Tips

  • The car or any other vehicle that you are using is fully reliable and in a position to beat mountainous track.
  • Talk to your acquaintances that have done a similar trip.
  • Read everything you can about the area.
  • Draft a rough outline of your trip that might have three or four target points and a variety of ways to get between them.
  • Set up a pre-trip time-line so you don’t end up with a full to do list your last week of work.
  • Pack light. Only bag essentials. It’s pretty troublesome to carry things in the mountains.

Getting Around

You can either make your own way or turn to guided tour companies. Travelers from Punjab and KPK need to come to Karachi first.

Company Guided Tours

The leading tour operators use their expertise and locals fanatics to lead their tours. Choose your tour operator wisely, based on its experience or you can even turn to Facebook to check their reputation.

These tour operators have connections around the area with the local residents, hospitals and security departments, so you don’t have to worry at all. Plus they also provide a lot of fun activities for children and families that would have been difficult for you to manage alone.

Self-Guided Tour

Self- guided tour is a little tough but, you save handful of money. The best thing about self guided tour is that you can wander around freely with no time restrictions. You can get maximum adventure by the way you want. Spend your nights across the river kunhar, doing bonfire, bbq and all night fishing.

Top Attractions

There are dozens of places in Hangol National Park and you can do tons of things to enjoy, here we are naming a few of them.

The Nani Mandir at Hingol National Park

Nani Mandir, is one of the oldest temples of the Hinglaj Mata located in a dark cave in the mountains up along the bank of Hingol River. It is considered to be one of the oldest temples not in southeast Asia but the world. Every year a lot Hindus from Pakistan as well as India come for a four day pilgrimage which is held in April.

On the route to Mandir, you will come across the point from where Muhammad Bin Qasim entered Sindh with his army in 8th century. Here also a small mosque that was named after him.

The Iconic Princess of Hope

On the way to the park, you encounter the Princess Of Hope, Makuran. There are several rock structures, but the most special is the iconic Princess of hope, a structure if a woman with folded arms wearing a flowing dress. Princess of hope was named by Angelina Jolie in 2002 when she visited Pakistan. Another beautiful sculpture named Sphinx is also a center of attraction and it resembles the Egyptian Sphinx.

Kund Malir Beach at Hingol National Park

The Kund Malir beach is an exotic spot for bonfire and BBQ. The sparkling aquamire colored water, golden sand and palm trees with beautiful rocks in the background make this place drop dead glorious

Mud Volcanoes at Hingol National Park

Mud Valconoes In Pakistan can only be found in Baluchistan which has more than 80 active mud volcanoes, found across the province. The greatest numbers of these mud volcanoes are present in Hangol National Park and this is a great opportunity to have this experience of mud volcanoes.

The most famous among them is Chandergup the highest mud volcano rising 300 feet above sea level. It is considered holy by Hindus, and they pay their respects while en-route for their pilgrimage at Nani Mandir.