From the mighty highlands of Makran and Chaghi to the exotic beaches of pasni and ormara, Baluchistan is an unsung tourist hotspot of South East Asia.

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Balochistan, the largest of the four provinces of Pakistan and is located at the eastern edge of the Iranian plateau. It spreads over an area of 347,190 Sq, Kms., forming 43.6 per cent of the total area of Pakistan but has the least Population, around 33 million.


Recent research and archaeological excavations reveal that Baluchistan has an eventful past dating back all the way to stone ages some 9000 years ago.

Alexander the great passed through Balochistan in 325 B. C., after his death the province has witnessed the march of a number of great conquerors and emperors such as, Arabs, Ghaznavies, Mangols and Mughals.
The Muslim rule began in 712 A.D. that was followed by the British rule in 1839. It is noteworthy to mention here the services and wisdom of the late Chief Commissioner of colonial Balochistan Sir Robert Sandeman, the architect of British strategy in the region as he saved the province from massive bloodshed and also brought education and infrastructure in the Province.


The culture of Baluchistan is inspired by the Arab lifestyle.

This is because of the Arab ancestral origin and influence of Arab empires in the past. Today, various ethnic groups portray cultural landscape of Balochistan as people speak different languages and vary in lifestyle. However, there is a similarity in their literature, beliefs, moral order and customs.
As per the norms of Baloch community, the people are extremely hospitable and welcoming. Guest is accorded in high esteem and is considered a blessing from God. Well off and rich tribes even slaughter sheep or goat for their guest as a gesture of love and protection from evils. More often, it so happens that the guest is assumed to be the guest of the whole village. This love and friendliness of baloch community makes you feel at home and sometimes you don’t even want to leave.


Three ethnic communities combine to make the people of Balochitsan.

These three major tribes are Baloch (Baloch & Brahvi) and Pashtoon. Baloch still adhere to the tribe system where a Sardar is the head and is responsible for the welfare of his people and leads his community.